Wednesday, January 14, 2009


there will be thinking out loud, so bring ear plugs.

i'm attempting to kick around thoughts on the abandoned buildings of bangkok. these 'ghost buildings' were all left vacant due to the economic crisis in 1997, and remain vacant today. in fact, it was real estate speculation in bangkok that initiated the chain reaction that became the Asian Economic Crisis of 97.

so it's here, at ground zero, that i am wondering just how one might inhabit a burst bubble. this year's mortgage/financial crisis offers new ghosts all over the world, so perhaps they'll be some level of transferability of the tactics taken in bkk.

i am starting with a notion of 'micro-agency'. this labels a process in which hundreds/thousands of desires collectively shape program and growth of form within the abandoned shells. so, rather than one developer replicating a monoculture (with one evaporated pile of cash), we have e unibus plurum.

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