Wednesday, February 11, 2009

EDIT ME - sathorn unique

Came up in both lunches, with 'only possible use being a huge massage parlor' (then in the next breath, seriously, but it's not within the massage parlor zoned area).

complete violation of height regulations for south sathorn neighborhood. really banking on 8 storeys of retail space, even that podium looms over the surrounding bldgs.

SL called it a 'vertical shophouse' design. terribly cramped 4m x 16m layout - he told Rangsan this himself, and was 'thanked for his comment'.

so what to make of this beast.

was the 'vertical shophouse' Rangsan's nod to kwaambpenthai, just like his awful balconies?

now it seems to be bought and traded, with no real intention of finishing.

SL stated that it, and other current ghost bldgs, just simply should not have been built in the first place. if so, how could they go away?

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