Friday, February 6, 2009


A few interventions discussed in the previous week:

* INFILL RETROFIT to reinforce/replace aging structure: F's question, great provocation. Imagine something like petrified wood - the hollows of one material being filled and ossifying while the original material breaks down.

This could be a gleaners tower, one that grows downward as the begins at the top, removing and selling original steel for scrap.
(JP, real-estate broker, told of how SV Garden even missed their chance to sell scrap - as bottom has fallen out of scrap steel market...)

Remember seismic retrofits in CdM - space truss butressing hospital. Perhaps inhabitable retrofit?

* SHAVE OFF THE TOP: JP off-handedly mentioned revitalizing building by removing topmost floor (so damage moves downward, from most exposed structure?..), then using the lower floors. Wow, what a gesture.

* HALF FILLED/HALF EMPTY: using sections of building, leaving rest fallow. (Have example image)

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